Echo Creek Romance

Choosing Hope

He’s so far out of her league he’s barely on the same planet. So why does he seem to think they should be more than friends?

Suzette Lindley has had a crush on Gabe Thurman since she was ten years old. After all, what’s a girl to do when the hottest guy in school is also the boy next door and your older brother’s best friend?
But Suzette has always felt invisible, even to her own family, so it was no surprise that Gabe rarely noticed her—except maybe to pat her on the head like a child. That was years ago, but Suzette isn’t likely to forget, especially not when her small town of Echo Creek is buzzing with the news that Gabe is back.

Gabe is only back in town for a few days, hoping to convince his mother to move closer to the city where he can help with her medical needs. He hadn’t counted on almost running over little Suzette Lindley with his truck, or on his mom’s insistence that he keep an eye on Suzette while she recovers from a head injury.

Suddenly he finds himself noticing Suzette in ways he never has before. She’s kind, giving, and utterly gorgeous, and she might just be the woman he’s been waiting for, but first he has to convince her that she’s more than just a fling or his best friend’s little sister.

And how can he convince her to give him a chance when he’s leaving town again with no idea when he’ll be back?

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Christmas in Echo Creek

Can the magic of a small town Christmas convince her that love is worth the risk?

When Willow Renner ends up stranded in the quaint little town of Echo Creek, she intends to lay low until she can pay for car repairs and get back on the road. But the locals can’t seem to stop trying to help her, and their obsession with Christmas cheer makes her want things she never thought she’d have. Home. A family. Maybe even a chance at love with a certain handsome sheriff’s deputy…

Deputy Cale Matthews was planning to skip Christmas, until a quiet newcomer makes him rethink everything. Willow is clearly hiding something, but she’s also beautiful, courageous, and in desperate need of hope. It doesn’t take long for Cale to decide he wants more than just friendship, but Willow’s been hurt too often to trust easily.

With the help of a meddling matchmaker and a little mistletoe, will Cale be able to convince Willow to take a chance on love, or will the shadows of her past tear them apart forever?

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Chasing Home

Two wounded hearts haunted by the same tragedy… Will they get a second chance at love?

For Rory Ellis, life is pretty much perfect. She’s a confident, successful business owner with a career she loves, two adorable little boys, and a family home filled with happy memories.

At least, that’s what she wants everyone in her hometown of Echo Creek to believe.

But Rory’s past has been anything but perfect. When her house burns down—nearly taking the life of a teenage girl—the aftermath threatens to expose secrets she thought were buried forever. Haunted by guilt, Rory can’t seem to move on, let alone rebuild her life and provide a new home for her two young sons. Not when she’s surrounded by reminders of everything she’s lost and everything she’ll never have—like gorgeous rancher Jake Cunningham.

Jake knows what it’s like to live with guilt over circumstances he can’t change. He also knows he should stay away from the beautiful owner of Echo Creek’s coffee shop, but he can’t seem to help himself. Especially not when Rory is homeless, hurting, and in need of help she isn’t willing to ask for.

Both Jake and Rory are searching for redemption, but they have a history too complicated to ignore. Can these two broken hearts find refuge in each others arms? Or will the past they’ve tried so hard to forget conspire to keep them apart forever?

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About Kacey

Kacey Linden is a coffee-fueled romance author from Oklahoma. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and still misses the trees, the mountains, and yes, even the rain. She believes in the power of a good story, and loves the holidays almost as much as she loves horses, kind-hearted heroes and happily-ever-afters. When she’s not dreaming up her next romance, you’ll probably find Kacey reading, baking, or enjoying the outdoors with her family.

Kacey also writes fantasy and science fiction under the name Kenley Davidson.